We translate texts from following fields:

  • Financial documents
  • Legal documents
  • Necessary documents for obtaining a job abroad – school-leaving certificates, high school diplomas, certificates of apprenticeship, certificates from state agencies,extracts from the crime register, abstracts of the trade register, trade licences…
  • Interpreting of marriage ceremonies, including translation of related documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates...
  • Medical documents
  • Business correspondence
  • Technical documents
  • Traslantions from other fields of human activities
  • Translations of websites


We specialise especially in translating from/into German and English and we can affix official seal to the document.

1 standard page = 1800 characters including spaces

The prices from/into the language ranges from 250 CZK/ 1 standard page (it depends on the level of difficculty).

Legally authorised translations - 1 standard page 300 CZK .

It is possible to fix prices pursuant to the agreement and we allow discounts for regular customers.